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Asian summit in Shanghai in 50 hours music festival music carnival foot addiction

Date: 2013-08-07

The world's top Jamiroquai band (Jamiro-qua) tonight at Shanghai Grand Stage Heat concert, first started in August this year, one of the hottest Asian Music Festival first gun. Like pop music fans this summer in Shanghai doorstep Enjoy up to a dozen groups at home and abroad to bring big-name singers and bands perform.

August 6 Jamiroquai song soared in Shanghai Grand Stage, while festival organizers will announce the final lineup of the full version and timing. Reporters learned that the peak of the Asian Music Festival, the international big-name, China's top rock bands, super quality independent musicians formed the "pinnacle" lineup, will be on August 17 and 18 at the Shanghai Stadium and Shanghai Grand Stage, and surrounding areas synchronous performances , dozens of groups at home and abroad a very powerful live music and bands, will bring to audiences over 50 hours of music carnival, which means that the vast majority of international artists in the length of time to reach 90 minutes, singing and stage set duration comparable to the concert.

The world's top British band Jamiroqua (Jamiroquai band) will be August 6 concert at the Shanghai Grand Stage for the festival kicks off. Team name taken from the name of a particular Indian tribe "Iroquois" and jazz the most important element "Improvisation" (improvisation), since the last century since the 90s, Jamiroqua is the worldwide club dance music culture advocates and leaders. Since 1993 released debut album "Earth emergency" has exactly two decades, during which, Jamiroqua in the world sold 20 million albums. For the Chinese audience, Jamiroqua also no stranger to them by virtue of the movie "Godzilla" and the official game of the 2006 World Cup theme song sing, has been accepted by many Chinese fans love. By then, the band soul JASON JAY KAY is expected to Shanghai Grand Stage, live performances became the busiest day of Shanghai super nightclubs.